Exhibition of a young, original artist whose inspiration stems from semiotics. The exhibition at the Gallery of Katarzyna Napiorkowska consists of a number of paintings created in 2019 and 2020.

PAULINA PIOR (born 1995) Student of the Cinematography Department at the State Film School in Łódź. She also paints. She is interested in inter-pictorial relations and semiotics. She deals with playful sets of associations, cultural codes and meanings. The artist does not impose her interpretation, allowing for a personal reception, with the question of what the colors and symbols contained in the paintings mean to the viewer. A free interpretation is therefore provileged. In Pior`s works we can find many references to rock painting from the Palaeolithic period, history of photography and film (Muybridge`s horses), Russian literature (e.g the motive of a poddle) and many others.

Paulina Pior – paintings
Gallery of Katarzyna Napiorkowska
Mont des Arts8, Brussels 4.07-4.09.2020
Finissage: 4.09.2020 from 16 untill 19.00